Time I took to be successful in Online Business

Hi Friends, Today  I am going to share with you all my journey to becoming successful blog entrepreneur. My road to online success was quite slow, mainly because I was not a technical guy like most of us. When I started working from home in June 2005, I was a complete layman.  I used to do data entry for overseas clients. But I kept learning from what they were doing and it  helped me later in becoming a successful independent online businessman.

When I started, the only thing I knew of doing over internet was looking for sexy images, videos, chatting and checking emails.  I was quite addicted to internet but this helped me in building skills like web designing, SEO, logo designing etc. Initially, I started creating websites with the help of www.geocities.yahoo.com/ .  Thats how I learned HTML. Later I started making blogs on wordpress.com and then I bought a hosting account to apply for adsense!. Then I learned all about c-panel, php, installing wordpress etc etc. I did all this by searching on Google, finding ebooks in torrents etc. I did messed up my blogs numerous times and then had to start all over again from the scratch. But I learned from each mistake and kept on improving.

Today I can make any change to my blogs, design custom header, do SEO for my blogs etc etc all by myself.  So, the key to success is self study, learning new technologies/trends and continuous skill development.

But most important principle, like I keep saying is that if you are a beginer, then the first thing to understand is that you won’t be able to learn everything in 3 or 6 or even in 9 months. There are many paid programs over internet that promise you teaching all blogging skills in 3 months and that after you have gone through their course, you will start earning 1000’s of dollars.  All such programs  don’t work simply because its a tough task and 3 or 6 months is too short time.

A beginner in blogging won’t make any significant money for 6 to 12 months. If you manage to pay the hosting, domain and content cost through first year’s online income then its a great success and should encourage you to continue.

All the information that is taught in these expensive paid programs is freely available in blogs like this one and other forums like forums.digitalpoint.com. So,  just read these blogs and forums and learn  and start slow with one or two blogs and then develop your skills. Keep a check on what great internet marketers are doing, read webmasters forums, blogs etc and then follow them. This is the Guru Mantra to Success!

– Lavanay