The Truth About Making Money Online

Making money online working from home may sound simple and easy but believe me its not all that easy! Many “Work from Home Jobs” websites selling their program/training/software etc will promise you unbelievable amount of money in a short period of time and that too with no hard work involved
– but those claims are just not true. The truth is as follows:-

Making Money Online Takes Time: No matter which course or training program you buy or the amount of time you spend daily on researching the blogging tactics, you can not change one truth and that is “It Takes a lot of Time, Patience & Learning to make significant money online.

If you blog to make money online, then it will take some time for your websites to gain authority and payback. Further, it will take you time to learn the skills and refine them. It may take YEARS to make good(6 figure) money online.

If you do jobs working from home, then it will take time in building client base that give continuous business.

Working online is tough mentally: You need to blog, do article writing, promote your websites, tweet, research etc etc.. If you outsource some of this work, you need to check the reports.. All this needs time and even if you are at home in front of laptop, you are not spending time talking with your spouse and children.

You need to concentrate on your work and this sometimes annoys the family. Because you are at home and don’t go to office, your family members will catch you anytime and ask you to go to market, water plants, help in cooking etc etc. Its an advantage for your family and sometimes you may like it too (when you’re not working on any blog)… But it can be a pain at times when you are really busy researching something or working on an important project. Today, for example, my wife was interrupting me constantly – at least every five minutes. With such constant distractions, it is really hard to get anything done. So, you need to be tough mentally and need to keep a balance.

You Must Be Passionate about the work that you start doing from home :
You may be surprised to know that 99 out of 100 people fail in online business. This is because most people who get into blogging and internet marketing, aren’t getting into it because of their passion, they’re getting into it because they think it can make them quick & easy money. This simply isn’t true and anyone who wants to do this will be disappointed.

I’ll give you one example from my family. I have tried to get my wife interested in internet business. I tried to explain to her the kind of potential it has. She has seen my earning reports and she knows that it will work. But yet, it remains fruitless. She will ask how many hours she will need to work per day and what amount she will expect at the end of week!

I see this as an employee mindset. An employee is used to come to office, work for fixed hours and after a week or month walk away with salary. The things do not work this way elsewhere in the world particularly when it comes to business, online or otherwise. With the great incentives and potential income of an internet business also comes the risks of failure. And only those succeed in this business who are passionate about online business, blogging and marketing. It doesn’t take skill… it doesn’t take knowledge, that comes with time, it takes love, passion and determination to be successful in online business.

Those who are successful in business in general for that matter are those who love what they do!  They are  people who are satisfied to be doing things that MAY or MAY NOT make them huge amount of money overnight. They know that it may take a long time to make a good amount of money, but they keep going because they simply LOVE doing their work!

When you honestly have a passion for what you are doing, you WILL succeed… some take longer than others, but eventually you will!