Staying Focused And Keeping On Track

One of the main concerns people have when discussing working from home is the fact that they have a tough time staying focused. While everyone handles their personal job differently, we have a few tips and tricks you can try in order to keep you on track and help you keep the cash flowing in. If you’ve ever looked at how much time has passed you by in any given day and question if the amount of work you completed was worth your time, then this is definitely worth reading. Trust us; you are not alone when it comes to feeling this way. All it takes are a few tweaks to your normal routine and you should be golden.

One of the main things you need to watch out for are distractions. Some of the most distracting things are your email and social networking sites. One great way to lower the amount of time spend checking your email, surfing the web or getting on other popular sites is to limit the amount of time you’re on them as well as the number of times you can view them each day. Is checking your email 50 times a day going to make you feel any better? Probably not and it’s best to focus on one thing at a time. If a client happens to shoot you a message, they can probably wait a few hours until your current project is completed.

I came across this really neat site called Toggl. It allows you to keep track of exactly how much time you spend working and how much time is spent on individual tasks. This is a wonderful way to figure out where you’re spending most of your time and where you are wasting your time. This way, you can build a better schedule for yourself.

Scheduling your time is extremely important. Sadly, this is one of things people tend to forget to do when they are working from home. Set up times where you can take a break and eat your lunch. If you feel yourself zoning out, get up and walk around. The last thing you want to do is turn in poor work or get behind because you can’t think straight. Manage your time well and you’ll enjoy the benefits!