Should You Use Infolinks to Monetize Your Website?

Infolinks is a PPC contextual advertising network and publishers can use their services to Monetize their website. Infolinks provides In Text Advertising services and therefore can be used with adsense on your blog.

But, is it really useful to use adsense and infolinks together on your blog?

The answer is yes if you have lots of traffic as only then you will be able to make some additional money with infolinks. On most of my websites, infolinks pays 1/8th to 1/20th of what adsense pays.  So if you are earning more than $20 per day with adsense, then you can make $1+ per day using infolinks. The revenue is not comparable and it is definitely not a replacement for adsense. But one can still use it to make revenue from people who did not click on adsense ads appearing at top (over the fold) of website.

But in some niches Infolinks pays better or equivalent to Adsense. In one of my clients website infolinks pays equal or better than adsense! Yes its true so this may happen to you as well. So do make sure to test the performance of infolinks on your website for 10 days and then make a decision.

Regarding payments, they are sent on time and hence infolinks is a reliable program.