Shoogloo / Trootrac Media Review For Publishers

Trootrac Media (earlier known as Shoogloo Network) is an Indian affiliate marketing company that offers Indian publishers an opportunity to promote Indian companies and products on their blogs targetting Indian audiences. Started in year 2008, Shoogloo/Trootrac Media has been engaged in various lead generation activities / CPA programs for top clients in India like Jetlite, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Citibank, Times of Money, ICICI Bank, SnapDeal and many others.

While it is very good for merchants who get an opportunity to promote products specifically to Indian audience and they pay only for sales or confirmed leads. But for publishers the network remains under-performer when compared to revenue one may earn using other methods of monetizing a blog/website.

The biggest drawback seems that often they themselves fail to get transactions confirmed or payment for transactions generated through publisher’s website from Merchants. And all they do in such cases is place the campaign on hold and ask publishers to stop promoting. This has happened in so many cases and recent example is Jeetle Campaign. It is a big loss as a publisher (in this particular case myself) promoted the campaign for over 15 – 20 days and I could see in Reports that there were 7+ total transactions but none was confirmed by merchant and no money was credited. And at the end the entire campaign was stopped. Also, even for confirmed transactions it takes lots of time for them to get payments from merchants and then credit to publisher accounts.

So, in short we will give Trootrac Media 2 marks out of 5.

We will revise this rating as and when we see improvements in this program.

6 thoughts on “Shoogloo / Trootrac Media Review For Publishers

  1. Hello,

    I am a publisher of shoogloo Network since 1 year. My account is not updated since 2 month, also i have some commission Rs. 2000/- that still pending on shoogloo network. i have already submit Support Ticket regarding this matter but any one not answering me since 2 months. I am doubt this company is fake or not. If fake i delete all the ads from my site.

  2. I am a publisher of shoogloo Network since 1 year. i have some commission Rs. 116255/- that still pending on shoogloo network.
    on old platform Totals pending amount is INR.69,535
    On new platform Totals pending amount IN 46,720.00
    why my payment not received
    5000 +1900 lead’s ( TT ) payment not received …
    Please Give me Full Detail..

    Kindly look into the matter and do the needful earliest as possible.
    Thanks and regards


  3. I have been working with Shoogloo Network India for more than one year. I know that they have changed your name from Shoogloo network to Trootrac Media. Now I have earned more than the payment threshold. I contacted several times to issue a cheque for the commission earned. But they remained deaf ears. They never replied any of my emails. I called by phone but they replied that they will call back. So, such a network is scam. It is better that anybody working with Shoogloo Network should stop immediate to save time and money.

  4. Hi,

    Can you suggest me the Best Affiliate marketing website with good commission and Good payment terms?

    I have 2 website based for Indian market. One website is of Travel & tourism related and another one is Coupons/refund related.

    Kindly advice.

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