Natural Cure For Constipation

No matter your age, no matter how well you take care of yourself; you are bound to get constipated at some point in your life. While no one likes to talk about this problem openly, we all want to know how to get rid of this problem so we can move on with our lives.

Let’s face it, we are all way too busy and focused on taking care of our families to have time for something like this. Don’t let constipation hold you back anymore; fix the problem quicker than ever!

Personally, I prefer to get rid of things naturally and after much research and personal findings, I have discovered a few ways that I think are going to work wonderfully for you.

I realize that everyone’s condition is unique. Some of you may experience severe pain; others may have blood in their stool, other will experience stomach aches, or maybe a tough time going to the bathroom. In the worse cases, some of you may even be dealing with hemorrhoids.

No matter the severity of your case, I can assure you that these tips and tricks are going to help you get on with your day and get rid of all the annoying symptoms, no matter what they may be. Let’s get you on with your life and put all the pain in the past.

Whenever you are having a tough time going to the bathroom, make sure to drink as much water as you can. This is going to naturally get things moving for you. At least 8 glasses each day is the recommended amount; but some people may even require more, or less. To get things moving even quicker, start your day with a warm glass of water or milk.

At night time, you can drink warm milk with Psyllium seed husks(Isabgol); not only will this help you get to sleep but it will help you go to the bathroom in the morning as both milk and Psyllium seed husks are natural laxatives.

Another thing to do is add more fiber to your diet. You can do this by eating bread/roti and other bakery items made up of whole wheat flour. Also, add more and more fruit and vegetables to your diet. Among fruits Pears, Guava, Orange, Papaya and Figs have a pooven laxative effect.

Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, banana and jack fruit when suffering from constipation. Also avoid overeating and try to regularize the habit of defecation. It is a good idea to try to get yourself to go at the same times each day.

Do this simply by sitting on the toilet for about 10 minutes. In time, you will train yourself to go at the same time each day. If you find that you have to go to the restroom during the day, do your best not to wait. This can just make the situation worse.

Make lifestyle changes and start doing yoga or aerobics or simple morning walk. People who exercise have healthier bodies overall and get constipated less than those who do not work out or experience much physical activity on a regular basis.

In the end, treating constipation with laxatives (natural or others) will only offer temporary relief. For long term relief, make changes to your diet and lifestyle. Switching to a diet rich in high fiber foods is most crucial for a permanent cure.

Keep in mind, not everything is going to work for everyone and these are just a few options for you. If it gets bad enough, be sure to speak with your doctor as they may have better options for your personal needs.

It is important to realize that health conditions may lead to constipation, so make sure that you tell your doctor about everything going on with you; changes in your life and such that may be leading to constipation. You’d be surprised how something as simple as stress, certain drugs, pregnancy or hypothyroidism can cause constipation. Don’t leave anything out and your doctor will be able to help you get back to normal much quicker.

Note: Diabetic people should consult with their doctor before taking dry figs, prunes and fruit juices for treating constipation.