Mystery Shopper More Fun Than Money Making Opportunity

Mystery shopping is a method of measuring service quality, knowledge of employees, checking cleanliness of office/outlet or to gather any other information of a franchise outlet or store etc.  Such surveys are conducted by the parent company to check if the affiliate companies or the franchisees are conducting business correctly and how employees of that company/outlet react to a complaining customer.

Mystery shoppers pose as normal customers and perform the given tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. The parent company them uses this information to educate the employees of those outlets and may even take disciplinary action against them.

In India, I know of one company that hires people to do mystery shopping for them.  This company is Bare International. While they don’t offer much compensation, but some mystery shops are fun doing. For example, visiting a domino’s outlet can earn you and your friend a free pizza. So, it will be a free outing for you. Some shops pay you Rs 500 or so but more than half of this money is usually spent in going to the shop/outlet/phone calls, scanning cost etc.  So, its more of fun job rather money making opportunity especially if its a mystery shop for a restaurant or coffee shop..

Want to become a mystery shopper? If yes then you can go to or click here to sign up with them:-