Making Money Online with Freelance Journalism – as a Student

Did you know that you could easily generate a larger income working at home online, instead of being a cashier? The author of this article makes more than $400 a week as a freelance journalist, and he’s a full-time student, with enough time left over to get visits from friends, family and his girlfriend. Did you know that I make the same amount of money in 20 hours, as a McDonalds worker makes in twice the time? Wow, there’s no reason to work there anymore after reading this article, so don’t stop yet!

Most of us students can’t afford to work late and long hours to get enough money to either have fun, or pay our own bills if we don’t live at home. It’s not cheap to be a student, at all! That’s why I started as a freelance journalist on the Internet, creating articles and website content for webmasters who was/is in need of content. In the beginning you won’t earn that much, but as your reputation increases, so does your income. One of the reasons why I chose freelance journalism instead of a regular part-time job was because I couldn’t afford to get paid only once a month, as most people do. I wanted to be paid weekly, or even instantly for the work I did, and my PayPal is now flooded with daily payments from happy customers from all over the world.

Well, you might think, “well, how do I start?”. First of all you would have to create a name for yourself. Make a catchy nickname, and sign up on freelance websites and forums where you can promote your service(s) to a large number of potential buyers. From there you would have to actively search for available freelance job positions, small or big. You might not be able to get more than $0.50 per 100 words in the beginning, but this will increase – I promise you. You would have to work hard in the beginning to gain reputation and feedback, but this is really valuable! Without feedback, you have nothing to show your future customers.

Producing high quality articles is another qualification you would need in order to become a freelance journalist. Without proper grammar and knowledge, you won’t get any orders. People tend to want high quality articles for as low price as they can get it for. Some people even promote their services like this, “I wrait cheep articls 4 u!!!??” Well, I assume you could see for yourself where the error here is. Make yourself wanted by the customers; make them come to you instead of the other way around. I daily get 10-15 orders. Some of them I have to decline, while some I’m able to produce within just a few minutes (15-30 minutes). Try to build a brand of your name, and become attracted. It’s all up to you to succeed!