Keep Your Memory Kickin’

Keep Your Memory Kickin'Many of us worry about our memory going as we age, and while this is a common concern; it doesn’t have to be. There are actually a lot of simple things you can do (on a daily basis!) that can help keep your memory kickin’. Some of these things, you may already be doing; if so, good for you!

Drawing. This may seem like something of the past; that you would only do when you were a kid but it’s great for the mind and body. Coloring, whether it be in the form of a doodle or maybe painting; doing anything to express yourself gets your mind off of everything that’s been stressing you out and allows you to really have some quality time with yourself. It has been proven; coloring can help you stay on track because helps to keep you in the moment. If you’re listening to something very important, doodling can actually help you retain more information than if you were just sitting there trying to listen. People tend to zone out after being talked to for long periods of time.

While Googling can become a problem if done too often, it can actually have similar benefits to drawing; especially if you’re looking up information you’re interested in. It doesn’t matter the topic; it can be cars, celebrity gossip, you name it. People who spend time enjoying what they’re doing are more focused in the long run. Working is great, and making a living is important but you need some time here and there to enjoy life and not worry about anything.

Laughing. It doesn’t matter how you go about this; maybe you need to take a few hours to watch a comedy or you can look up silly videos on YouTube. No matter how you do it, laughing is an important factor to keeping down your stress level and helping you stay motivated.

I also must mention how important it is to get outside. Go for a walk, go to the park with your dog; enjoy the sun. Not only is this a great opportunity to get your blood flowing (which increases your overall body function; including your memory) but it’s another great opportunity to have some alone time and get away from the daily stresses.

It’s very important to have a healthy balance between work and play. While too much of either can have negative effects on your brain; when you have a good mixture of the two, you will find yourself becoming a much happier person. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t revert back to the things we used to do as a child and make sure to enjoy each and every moment like we used to.