Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

A lot of people make tons of money online from affiliate marketing. Basically, you choose a product from a company like ClickBank, Linkshare, ShareASale, Amazon, Ebay, and similar, and you refer people to their site. For example, a ClickBank vendor creates a new product. The product is in the “Money Maker” niche, and it costs $35. You know that you’ve got a big list of people just waiting to learn more about money making online. So you sign up to ClickBank and get the respective HopLink for the very product you want to be an affiliate for.

Now, there are tons of ways to advertise a HopLink. You could, as an example, create a website where you include bonuses to “money making” products you’ve either made yourself, or got PLR to. Such bonuses will often increase your sales, as the buyer gets more value for his or her money. Now, as said in the beginning, most professional affiliates have tons of different “lists”. These lists are often gotten through opt-in offers. The way you make a list is often by using autoresponder services like AWeber and similar. You create a website with a form, and you could offer a free report to all those who signs up with their name and email address to your form. Then you’ve got a new subscriber to one of your lists!

As you’ve probably understood by now, it takes time to build up a large list of potential customers. You might want to have different lists within several niches; “money making online”, “offline consulting”, “insurance”, etc. The more lists you’ve got, the more potential customers you got. However, the hard part is of course to create a brand, a name for your self so that people would actually care to download your free reports or eBooks. Either you should have a lot of knowledge of a certain niche, like Internet Marketing. Or you should be focused on a niche where you’ve been successful yourself. Who would download a report of someone making $5 a day? Most Internet Marketers would make 100x that a day, and they wouldn’t use their emails to opt-in.

If we are to answer the question in the title of the article; yes, affiliate marketing could absolutely be profitable. You need a lot of knowledge within certain fields or niches in order to gain a list of potential buyers, OR you need enough cash to outsource the work to someone else you know has a lot of knowledge. Of course, at that point you will see more money flooding out of your bank account than in, but if the product is a success, you would of course have a lot of cash flooding in again from products you advertise through your list(s).

There are tons of ways to gain that special list, but always be focused and think; would I care to use my personal email to be able to get this report/download? If not, you shouldn’t care to use your time on it either!