Importance of Maintaining Great Relationships

When working online, it becomes more important than ever to create strong and lasting relationships with your client. Not only do you want to focus on offering great services and/or products, but you want to show your personality as well. Now, this does not necessarily mean you have to be best buddies with the person you’re working for but it’s a good idea to build some sort of bond. Engage in small talk from time to time, when the chance presents itself and don’t be afraid to shoot them a random message asking how things are going. You can make this seem less awkward by also asking if there is anything else they would like you to do and/or remind them that you are available and ready to work. Reminding them that you are always there when they need you is a wonderful way to keep you in the forefront of their mind so when they have additional work, they’ll be much more likely to think of you and offer you the work; before giving it away to someone else.

Don’t worry, over time it will become easier and the conversations will not seem as forced. Just remember, you’re trying to sell yourself so let your great personality shine!