How to start freelancing?

The idea of freelancing attracts everyone.  I see it as the first step towards starting a company/full fledged business. This is especially true in case you are a first generation entrepreneur and don’t have enough money and risk appetite to invest huge amount of money straight away.

But how does one start freelancing? where to find jobs? How to accept money? And how to keep clients happy?…  These are some important questions that every wannabe freelancer should know about. In this article I will try to answer these.

First, don’t think about quitting your 9 to 5  job. Be patient and start slowly and learn from experience. If you have 1-2 hours available to work from home, then you can start freelancing part time from home. Once you are making some money and there are more projects on offer, then you can think about quitting your job and start freelancing full time.

To start freelancing, first do an extensive survey on whats in demand and whats the price offered by competitors. Remember, when freelancing you compete with professionals from the whole world.  See if you can provide the service that is in demand and also match the price with other competitors.

Generally there is alot of work  for Law professionals, fashion designers, website programmers, data entry, virtual assistants etc. You can find most of such jobs on website like etc . But remember that there are alot of cheaters and fraudulent projects on internet so, take every care to save yourself. Getting money escrowed by service buyer is thus highly recommended. Most of the freelancing websites offer this service and they also provide means to accept money from your clients and later they send you a check/draft etc. Alternatively you may use PayPal to accept money from your regular clients.

Once you have won a project,make sure that you do what was agreed upon and provide best possible service.  This is very important because every service buyer will give a rating that will be displayed on your profile in that freelancing website where you won that project and hence affecting your chances of getting and not getting more projects in future.  If you have a 5star ranking in your profile and you know your job and have priced your services competitively, then no one can stop you from becoming a rich man soon 🙂