How to redeem SBI Credit Cards Points? Redeeming SBI Card Reward Points

Several customers have complained about difficulty in redeeming points earned with SBI Card. Many simply keep on loosing the points earned as SBI policy is to lapse points earned after some time. If you Google for this problem you will find that its been discussed in several forums and blogs but I did not find a solution anywhere. So, I decided to investigate as I myself have a SBI card.

Redeeming SBI Card Reward Points

Broadly, there are three ways you can use to redeem SBI credit card points. These are:

  1. Online: Simply login to your SBICard Account and  select the item that you want and redeem your awards. This is the best option to redeem your award points on SBI Credit Card. However, if you don’t have online account or access to internet, then consider following options..
  2. By Ordinary Mail: You can send them a request to redeem points with the item code of gift item you want to get along with details of your account number (not the credit card number), last 4 digits of your cc number, your mobile number etc and send it by ordinary post to: PO Box 28, GPO, New Delhi- 110001
  3. By Calling SBI Credit Card Customer Support: You can call SBI card support at:
    • If calling from mobile phone: STD CODE + 39 02 02 02
    • If calling from BSNL landline phone: 1800 180 1290
    • If calling from MTNL landline phone: 1860-180-1290

Difficulty Start Here:-

Now when you call them, an IVR starts speaking.. In my case, I called 1800 180 1290 from my BSNL landline number and the IVR says “Please hold the line, the subscriber is busy.. and then repeats the same in some regional language that I don’t understand… And then the call disconnects. Most of the people get stuck at this very point and complaint that SBI Cards Number is always busy and other complaint that they don’t understand the language of welcome message. So, How to redeem SBI Credit Cards Points then?

The solution to this problem is that you don’t listen to this message, when ever this IVR message starts just disconnect the call and redial again until you hear the message: “Welcome to SBI cards………..” It may take several attempts until you finally hear the correct welcome message. This is when your call is actually connected to SBI Card Support.

  • Once, you hear “Welcome to SBI card…”, it asks you to select language by pressing 1 for English and 2 for Hindi. I selected English and so I pressed “1”
  • Then it asks to press 1 for credit card information, 2 to report lost credit card, 3 for offers on your card and 4 to know status of credit card application etc. I pressed 3 for offers on your card.
  • Next it asks to enter your 16 digit credit card number and after that it asks you to enter the 4 digit year of your birth. Once you have entered these correctly, you are connected to a customer care representative and you can ask him/her to redeem the SBI reward points for you.

And don’t get surprised if you are asked to pay Rs 99/- plus GST as courier and processing charges to deliver the gift items. Also it takes over 21 days for delivery!

I hope it helps several customers who are struggling to redeem the SBI Credit Card Reward Points