How to Promote a Tutorial?

Business promotion is an integral part of every business and tutorials are no exception. With so many tutorials mushrooming in every nook and corner, it’s become even more important to let students and parents know what makes your tutorial better than others.

What Parents Look For?

When selecting a tutorial for their ward, most parents look for a tutorial that produces toppers and position holders year after year. Quality of teachers and infrastructure is also an important aspect that parents usually look at. For middle and lower middle class families the fee structure, discounts and freebies may affect the final decision to a great extend.

What Students Look for?

Meritorious students also look for a tutorial that produces toppers in competitive exams and school exams. However the other section of students that are not very studious may prefer to go to a tutorial where their friends have joined or the tutorials that offer friendly teaching environment. Classroom infrastructure, freebies and extracurricular activities may also affect their decision to some extent.

What Promotional Strategy to Adopt?

There is no shortage of ways in which one may promote a tutorial and build a brand. One can advertise Online or on Cable TV, FM Radio and Newspapers or one may sponsor events like Marathon etc. However it’s very important to keep in mind the budgetary constraints in mind and use selective promotion methods that work best without breaking the bank.  The best way to find what is working and what is not is to ask students studing in your tutorial about where they heard about your tutorial.

From my experience at Flying Cats, I recommend the following promotional methods:

  1. Send personalized mail to address of prospective student’s home address with an offer of a discount, or a freebie. Such offers usually work very well as students feel special to receive such personalized letters and they will look forward to redeem the discount offered.
  2. Give a seminar or presentation in schools and flaunt the success story of your ex-students, their placement in reputed colleges and their rank in competitive exams.
  3. Create promotional leaflets with testimonies and results of ex students and distribute these leaflets with the help of newspaper vendors. These can also be distributed with the help of staff to students of schools nearby.
  4. Advertise in newspaper preferably on last page during the time of admission. When advertising under classified section, use graphic rich ads designed with Adobe Photoshop or Coral Draw.
  5. Launch annual awards ceremony to reward the toppers of tutorial and issue press release of achievements of students. If possible, call a VIP to distribute awards as this brings media automatically.
  6. Offer referral commission to staff and students if they bring in new admissions.
  7. Give sponsored diaries/bags to students with logo and address of tutorial.
  8. Treat ex-students with care. Make sure they pass out with good experience, so that they spread good words about the institute.
  9. Sponsor educational seminars, quizzes, talk shows, marathon etc to generate good will of brand.
  10. Advertise on Cable TV preferably using Video Ad and occasionally running a scroll. FM Radio ads can also be considered. As these ads can be expensive, so use them only when required; i.e. during admission time.
  11. Set up a group on Facebook and upload images of successfully placed students and toppers. Upload video testimonials and video showing infrastructure of institute. Keep the group updated with the latest that is happening at the tutorial.