How To Get Your Application Accepted in CPA Networks

Basically, out of the total number of CPA networks, approximately 90% are very easy to get through. However, if you do not wish to be a part of everyone’s league and be a part of those selected quality CPA networks, then you must know that it is not an easy thing. Even if you hold three years or more experience, do not fool yourself that you can get assured acceptance in this 10%. These quality networks work hard and shortlist only those candidates who, according to them, are genuine.

The basic reason behind it is that mostly, affiliates look for money without hard work. So, they are ready for illicit work too and hence, do not care much about terms and regulations later on. So, if you are not one of such people and do not wish to be kicked out of the network for such activities (indeed you will be found out as CPA networks are much intelligent than you anticipate), then the following information is for you.

To get into a high paying CPA network, you must have a website and not just any sort of site, but a quality piece. Here, do not count the free blogging stuff because your professionalism will be seen through the same in your site. Best thing to do is buy domain and host your site.

Your application must depict that you are a serious candidate. Do not leave any important or compulsory block empty. You will be rejected on the spot if you do so.

Choose the preferences wisely. The field you wish to choose must be selected so that the person on the other side gets the idea that you know what you are doing.

Before venturing into quality networks try and start with easy ones as that will add to your experience. This is because quality CPA networks need experienced affiliates.

Generally, marketing option is Pay Per Click. If you are asked whether you can invest in these campaigns, then do not run away or deny. They may just be testing you.

Finally, give your genuine contact number that you keep with you all the time as you can expect a call, if your application is worth acceptance and satisfactory. If you do not hear anything from them in couple of days, do not hesitate to call and ask the status. Stick to the information you stated in your application and also, try to put forth your professionalism and seriousness. It will help you.