How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests?

The removal technique for every wasp nest is different and completely depends on the type of wasp nest. Below are some tips that you could follow to get rid of wasp nests in the ground:

Analyze the Nest

Observe the working of the wasps and their flight pattern. Locate their entrance door in the nest. There can be any number of entrances, so observe really carefully. Don’t remove the wasp nests when there is no wasp inside it. In the morning, wasps leave their nest in search of food. So, the best time for removing the wasp nest would be in the night or evening as well. This is when all the wasps come back in their nests. Your target is to remove the wasp, so wait for the wasp to return.

Cover yourself

Before getting into action, cover yourself properly with thick clothes. Make sure that no part of your body is unprotected. Wear a veiled cap with leather gloves on your hands and closed shoes.
Plan your escape route

This is important as when you will try to remove the wasp nests, there are chances that the wasps get angry and attack on you. As a precautionary step, locate a safe place for you to hide yourself
Buying a Spray

The most successful method is using spray. Many professional sprays are available in the market.Check its spray and if its scope is big enough for you to maintain a safe distance from the wasp nests, buy it.

Removing the Nest

Once you are prepared with your protective gear on and spray in your hands, spray on the nest from a safe distance for about 15 seconds. 15 seconds are enough to cover the entire nest with the spray particles. After one hour come back and check if all the wasps are dead. If there is no activity in the nest then your mission is a success.