How to Get Rid of Timeline on Facebook

Timeline on Facebook is the new interface that was recently created; however, once some people have switched to it they often realize that they don’t really care for the interface as much as they did the old one. In this case, people often seek to get rid of timeline.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no known way to reverse from FaceBook timeline back to the old settings. I have tried various methods that people have blogged about and made videos about but none of the methods work!

Facebook never really made a precise statement about the upgrade and the consequences of changing to timeline. Once again, although people have sought out a way to change the Timeline settings back to the previous interface there is no known way to do so. Below are some hints that you can check out to verify that the switch to Timeline as of now is permanent.

  1. In the Help Center of Facebook the word Profile has changed to Timeline.
  2. On the Help Center Page Facebook explains of ways that you can add Timeline as your new interface voluntarily; or you could also wait for an announcement to show up at the top of the page as well.
  3. Facebook also notates that once you have chosen to upgrade to Timeline you will have 7 days to preview the setup and then Facebook will make the switch to your new settings.
  4. Once the switch has been made to new settings, there is no known way to get rid of Timeline from your Facebook page.

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