How To Get Rid Of Telemarketers?

How To Get Rid Of Telemarketers?Telemarketing, as the word signifies, is all about marketing via phone communication service. It is a way for advertising their products to some group of people. All you need to become a telemarketer is a small call center type setup and start calling to people whosoever number you can find.

It is really frustrating when you are driving and have to reach on your urgent meeting on time and you get a phone call. Imagine the situation, that you stop your car and receive the phone call to find out that it is one of the telemarketing calls. So to avoid this worse scenario and to get rid of telemarketers there is an Act on it and it had also led to the creation of the Do-Not-Call registry. There are several other ways which help you really get rid of telemarketers legally and any violation to the laws can entitle you to file a case against the calling company.

The telemarketing company just takes out a number and makes a call. The only place where they do not look for the numbers is the legal Do-Not-Call registry. So register your phone number in this forbidden registry by visiting and get shielded by telemarketing calls now. Unfortunately this registry cannot protect from calls from charities, political organizations, surveys or any companies which shared relation with you in the past. For example, banks and other organizations generally call you for genuine reasons like free credit cards offer or any other useful offer.  So to get more information and answer to your questions you can refer to In case you are from Canada and want to get access to Canadian Do Not Call list kindly refer

If you find any telemarketer calling you which is a clear violation of the above mentioned laws you can register your complaints to and FTC/FCC can impose a fine of minimum $11,000 on the calling telemarketer. There are referrals sites like which contains lost of useful information for the know-how of lodging a complaint with the help of FCC/FTC. After all it’s your privacy and no one has the right to interfere it, except you.

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