How To Get Rid Of Stage Fright?

Stage fright can happen to the most confident of people. So, why does it have to affect you right before the big show? Don’t worry because you’ll get rid of stage fright in no time with these simple tricks. Many people say picturing audience members in only their underwear but this doesn’t do the trick for everyone. It may be distracting for some people.

Foods That Help Calm You Down

Drinking Orange Juice or another type of drink with citrus is great to drink about twenty minutes before a performance. Citrus helps lower your blood pressure, allowing you to be much more calm and relaxed. The effects typically last over thirty minutes.

While many people try to avoid eating big meals before a performance because they worry about becoming tired or becoming sick; carbohydrates actually help you. They release the neurotransmitter Serotonin which helps stabilize your mood. Chewing gum is a technique that has been used by many people; even those who love performing as a way to release tension.

Visualization and Positive Thoughts

Our brains are very powerful; more powerful than science may ever be able to prove. Simply visualizing yourself having a good performance has been shown to get you that much closer to doing great and begin able to get rid of stage fright. Thinking positive thoughts such as “I’m going to do amazing” or “I’ve got this” help keep your thoughts from bringing you down.

The same goes for breathing deeply. This gives your body something to focus on, distracting you from your worry and allowing you to live in the moment. Doing something you love before a performance like singing, reading a book or watching something on TV you enjoy are all good ways to keep your mind off what you’re about to do; allowing you the time you need to de-stress.

Other Helpful Hints

Many people throughout time have had lucky items that they bring on stage with them. Maybe you have a necklace close to your heart or a special ring that makes you feel more comfortable. Wear those things and feel great knowing you’re not on stage alone.

Lavender and Vanilla are scents that are proven to reduce anxiety. Applying some lotion, body spray or perfume can give you that extra boost of confidence you need to have the performance of a lifetime.

Seek Help

Remember, fear is normal and if this fear is interfering with your life then you may want to seek professional help. There are many support groups, online forums or therapists around the globe that would be more than happy to talk with you. Fear is actually a good thing as long as it’s not overwhelming because it motivates you; giving that boost of adrenaline you need to get the job done.