How to Get Rid of Spam?

Spam generally is any kind of mail that contains ads and commercials even if you have not asked for it or subscribed for the facility or service. Yet, everyday, almost every person finds such junk mails in his/her mailbox. So, how to get rid of spam?

If you want to really curb this problem, first of all avoid leaving your primary email on any website or even to any unknown person. This is because generally, email IDs are sold to many companies these days for a few bucks. Hence, you will be the target of spam. Furthermore, if any spammer finds out your email address, you will be ending up deleting hundreds of such junk mails from your inbox almost everyday.

Secondly, set your spam guard on. Never even try to think of turning it off. By default, every mail service provider has a section for spam and the guard is on. Yet, if by any chance, you receive any email that is not legit or required, hit ‘spam’ or ‘mark as spam’ and any further emails from the so-called address will not land in your inbox in future.

You can also purchase spam blocker online and that too at reasonable rates. If you need to leave an email address anywhere, a site or a person, try to make use of a secondary email ID that you would rather not bother to check. This is a very good approach as you can use your primary mail ID for your personal usage and for any subscription etc. For any other usage, switch to secondary ID.

There are many sites that ask for free registration before you can access their content. Such sites typically mention that they will never sell of your information, however, seldom is it true. So, do not take chances. Subscribe at websites that you really know are legit and will not spam in any way.