How To Get Rid Of Snakes

Snakes are reptiles and as cold blooded creatures, they are fond of cold and shaded areas, away from sunlight like tall grasses, bushes, compost areas or even under junks or rubbish. And while most people will kill at the sight of snakes, these household type of snakes like garter and rodent snakes are beneficial to men because it helps get rid of these pests. Still, a snakebite may be dangerous and as such, it is important to learn how to get rid of snakes.

Here are several means of how to get rid of snakes

  1. Cut down tall shrubs, bushes and foliage in your vicinity. These are the common areas where snakes dwell. Once you get rid of these plants, sunlight will penetrate into the ground making the area less conducive for snakes. Mow you lawn regularly and make sure you that the grasses do not grow so tall as it may cradle snakes, as well as their eggs underneath.
  2. Regularly check compost pits. Compost pits are common areas where snakes may dwell. Should you want to keep a compost, make sure it is positioned far from the area where your family frequents. Firstly, there is a lot of moisture and shade in these pits, and secondly, rodents and other pests may also be present in such area which snakes usually feed on. This brings us to the third means of how to get rid of snakes…
  3. Drive away pests like mice, rats, even squirrels as these are common preys of these snakes. The same is also true with insects like cockroaches, crickets, bugs and the like. Getting rid of these pests will make driving away snakes a lot easier. There is no easier way in getting rid of such pests and insects than keeping a clean environment and maintaining everything in order.
  4. Seal gaps or holes in your house as these may invite snakes to dwell inside. Also, do a regular survey of your vicinity to determine whether there are suspicious places where snakes may possibly lurk.

Finding a snake in your place may be a terrifying experience. Although not all snakes are venomous and only about 600 out of 3, 000 species are deadly, a person cannot coolly distinguish between a venomous and a non venomous snake at the sight of this reptile. This is true most especially if the reptile is fast approaching and hissing its way toward you. Consider the safety of having no snakes hiding a few meters away from your doorstep. These steps are fairly easy—you can do them on your own or seek for the help of an expert.