How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell on Dog

If you have a pet and that too a dog then you might have encountered with that nasty, awful and horrible smell which is actually skunk. So it is always to take precautions to keep your dog away from it. Dogs are not aware of sprays and skunk spray is an oily liquid which has thiols which smells awful due to sulphuric compounds as content. Skunk spray contains chemical fumes which infuse all the objects in the room including the food in refrigerator. Room freshener, deodorants or cologne can control the smell for sometime but it is hard for them also to change the odor. So it would be better to prevent such smells. It would be good to keep your dog away from skunk smell so that it may not spread out in your home and surroundings.

Procedure to get rid of skunk smell on dog

  1. Firstly you should keep your dog outside the home as soon as you notice skunk smell from him. You should remember that once it enters into house, it would be tough to get divest of it.
  2. Check your pet’s skin and eyes for any sign of irritation due to spray. Wash the eyes with eye drops but consult a vet if you find him uncomfortable. Also check if he is bitten by the skunk or not.
  3. Wear your gloves and get some tissues. Start rubbing the tissues on your dog’s body to remove skunk spray so that you may find the bites if any. Make your dog comfortable while rubbing his body.
  4. Now offer your dog a bath with a good skunk smell remover. You can also prepare it at home. Tale 1quart of 3% of hydrogen peroxide, half cup of baking powder and around 2 teaspoons of dish cleaning liquid and mix them well. Now offer your dog a bath with this liquid to get divest of skunk smell.

Hydrogen peroxide gives bleaching results on dog’s skin so it would be good to use vinegar instead. These things can only reduce smell but it would be good to keep your dog away from skunks to avoid such situations.