Get Rid Of Rabbits: How To Get Rid Of Rabbits?

Rabbits are really sweet and cute especially because of their long ears which make them more loving. People love them watch as they are rally the most innocent animal ever found on this planet. Well then the question remains that if they are so much loving and caring why we are looking for ways to get rid of rabbits after all. The answer to the question lies in their home itself. Rabbits love to reside inside as the temperature beneath the earth is comparatively cooler than the outside temperature. Rabbits’ house is known as burrows, and on the venture of making that they dig out a lot of soil. Though they are doing this out of their innocence, yet imagine the situation that in your garden, you have planted fresh plants, and rabbits just destroying them in no time.

Rabbits also love eating flowers, vegetables and even seedlings too. So when they find a garden full of ripe fruits and vegetables, they eat them up in no time. Hence we really need some easy and simple ways to eliminate these rabbits from our garden without even harming them as after all, they are really cute. For a startup all you need basically is a live trap, rabbit repellent in form of spray, some dried blood meal and good amount of fox urine. Now let us see how to use them to get rid of rabbits from our garden.

The first step is setting up a live trap. You can be rest assured that these traps are really humane and they are specifically used to just trap the rabbits and transfer them to some other place. To further ensure the ability of the live trap, spray the rabbit repellent near the plants which you want should be kept away from these naughty rabbits. To protect the area from the invasion of rabbits, fence the area with fences sufficiently higher for rabbits to jump. Finally scattering dried blood meal and some fox urine around your plant will keep these little pests away from the plant. You can also use cayenne pepper spray as rabbits really hate these.