Get Rid Of Moths: How To Get Rid Of Moths?

Moths generally fall in the category of butterflies and also belong to the class “lepidoptera”. They can really be harmful and can do lots of damage to your farm and garden. Moths generally like to reside in a damp and moist environment and hence the first step to get rid of moths is to keep the moist areas clean and tidy. Maintain a proper hygienic environment will not only help you eliminate moths abut also keeps the air healthy to breathe. Keep the house cupboards, cabinets or any closed places really clean by vacuuming and cleaning them at least once a week in not more. If you find any walls are any corner where larvae is sticking, clean the entire wall by scrubbing with a sponge and some vinegar or even detergent.

Moths can also give their eggs on your clothes too and you won’t have any idea about it. So try ironing your clothes and clean them properly if they are kept at closed closets. It is better to dry wash the silk clothing so that you can eliminate these pests from your house permanently. In general any pest can be eliminated from your house, just by maintain excellent hygiene.

If you find your garden, farms or kitchen attacked by an army of moths, you can go for a very simple way to get rid of moths. It is very precisely known that moths have a great affection towards light and they keep on circling around it for long. You can use this knowledge to capture moths. Use a sodium vapor light and a moth catcher attached to it, so that you can catch most of the moths which go near the light.

Apart from these methods you can also go for using moth poison and balls.These are nothing but pure chemical substances which are harmful for moths. As they are basically poison, they should be handled properly as a little of these chemicals by humans can be really dangerous for health. You can also use natural moths repellents as they are much less harmful to humans.