How To Get Rid Of Miller Moths?

Moths are irritating and while they may not be as scary as some of the more common household pests (like mice or spiders), they need to be taken care of. A few here and there may not seem like a problem but when and if you become infested, the whole game plan changes. Here are a few simple ways to get rid of Miller Moths.

Where Do Moths Hide?

Moths are attracted to fabrics such as clothing, food and light. Miller Moths have also been known to hide in tiny crevices throughout your home. Moths will normally enter your house at night because they are drawn to the lights on in your house. One great way to keep moths out is to make sure your house is properly sealed; both inside and out. Double check your windows, screens and entryways to make sure there aren’t any areas for easy entry. For crevices, simply fill them up with caulk, leaving the moths with fewer places to hide.

Clean Up After Yourself

Moths feed off of crumbs and things like hair and lint. This is why it is very important to vacuum and/or sweep on a regular basis. Moth eggs, larvae and pupae are very hard to see but with the vacuum you are bound to pick a bunch of these up; keeping the moth population in your house from spiraling out of control.

Moths love humid environments and they thrive in them. Do what you can to keep your humidity to a minimum so they do not reproduce at out-of-control rates.

Protect Your Food and Clothing

In order to get rid of Miller Moths, it’s important to keep food and hiding places to a minimum (as mentioned above). Put food away as soon as possible and when you do; put it in something that the moths cannot eat through. Paper coverings are not enough; it needs to be something plastic (thick, not thin) or glass.

Clothing that is used on a regular basis isn’t typically going to be affected by moths. However, clothing that is dirty for long periods of time or sitting around and not being moved can be affected. This is why it’s a good idea to store unneeded items in a safe place. If the situation is bad enough you may freeze clothing items for a few days to make sure any eggs that may be on an item are dead. You can also shake the clothes out from time to time if you prefer to not have to pack them up.

Set Up Traps

Of course, you can go the moth ball route but there is something I think you will enjoy more. Pheromone traps. These traps attract moths, thinking they have found a mate. When they reach the trap, they become stuck to sticky tape. This allows you to not have to worry about spraying nasty pesticides or dealing with powders that are harmful to you.