Get Rid Of Mice: How To Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice are really a big problem which humanity is facing from ages. Even we have a well known story from a town of Berlin, about how a pied piper was finally able to clean the town from mice using his flute. But of course, in our times we are not going to have any pied piper who can get rid of mice by using his pipe. We have to resort to some techniques to eliminate these little nasty pests from our homes as they destroy almost everything that comes in their way. You can go for chemical poisons for killing these rodents but be careful. As these are basically poisons, you should be really careful in handling them as they can be harmful to humans too. Also poisons starts the effects after a fixed time delay, and when the rodent is dead, it is essential to find it out so that it doesn’t stick and give rise to more dreadful diseases.

Instead of chemical you can resort to natural mice deterrent like the peppermint oil. The smell of this special oil keeps the rodents and other pests away. Just use a cotton ball, apply a couple of drops of peppermint oil on it and place it in the areas where you expect more rats, like the doorways or other holes from which mice may seek through. It is much if you use cement and permanently seal any such holes, from which rodents can enter. You can also use steel wool to block these tiny holes, which act as an entrance for mice, as they are too tough for mice to chew, they can be very helpful to get rid of mice.

You can also use mouse traps for this purpose. There is much kind of traps, including the electric traps which can kill the mouse within just 10 seconds. It is better to go a more humane ordinary trap and then try to release the mouse in a remote area, from which it can’t come back to your place. Above all keep your home tidy as hygiene alone can keep many pests out of your house.