How to Get Rid of Geese?

Some of the homeowner may desire to have a pond in their area which might attract many small visitors. Geese are amongst such visitors. Don’t go on their looks, as they seem to be very aesthetically pleasing at first. But as the time goes by, you will observe that these pleasing Geese are bringing faeces all around the pond. There is a high risk of these faeces constituting disastrous E. Other animals are likely to get exposed to the Coli bacteria.

No feeding the Geese

Don’t try to feed them. If Geese start believing your home as a steady source of food, they will tend to return back to you often.

Dog or Swan around the water

Keep your pond under the eye of a dog or a swan. Since these Geese love their goslings, they will try to find a better place where there is no harm to their goslings. Geese see dogs and swans as a threat to their young ones.

Bushes and shrubs

If Geese see bushes and shrubs around the area they will think that it is difficult to reach the pond. Placing bushes and shrubs will drastically reduce the number of guest geese.

Goose repellents

There are a variety of Goose repellents in the market available. Choose from any of these repellents. The working of these repellents involves making the taste and smell of grass very bad. Spread the repellent all over the area and see for yourself. After sometime, all your geese guests will go away and never come back to you.

Hunt the geese

But before applying this step you should talk with local Department of Natural Resources. If they allow and give you the permit to hunt down the geese then it’s a plus. Otherwise, you will have to apply for special permit. For this purpose, you will require to submit proof for the damage that has been caused by the geese in your area