How to Get Rid of Fruit Flys?

There is nothing worse than having a large cluster of flies above the delicious fruit you have set out on your table. What’s worse is once they have arrived it is not only difficult to remove them, but difficult to salvage the fruit they have begun to land on. Not only does this create a hygienic mess, but also creates a money pit.

The easiest way to get rid of fruit flys is with a trap. These are very easy to create yourself, or if you are not the most creative person you can purchase these traps in the store for a very cheap price tag. If you would like to make your own traps, follow these instructions and your fruit fly problem will greatly reduce after only 24 hours.

Locate your container
This is a container you will no longer need to use after complete with this project. Keep in mind that you want a shallow wider pan, and something from the dollar store should suffice very nicely.

Pick your Lure
In order to get rid of fruit flys; you need to think like a fruit fly. Decide what type of drink or liquid you will use to lure the pests into your trap. Great choices are pop, juice, syrups or wine. Fragrant choices will attract the fly colonies very nicely.

Set the trap
Using your container previously decided, take your liquid and pour it in. Ideally you want a larger surface area compared to something that is deeper. Pour approximately three to four centimeters into the container. After this is complete, take some plastic wrap and attach it to the top of the container. This should fit snugly, and can use an elastic band to secure it. Using a sewing needle, poke small holes into the top of the plastic wrap. You want to ensure the holes are large enough that the flies can enter, but small enough that the can not escape.

Clean Out the Mess
Make sure you change the trap on a daily basis. This is important to maintain its appeal. And volia! You’re done!