Get Rid Of Earwigs: How to Get Rid Of Earwigs?

One of the most unpleasant of creatures is the earwig. Although they are not venomous or disease ridden, there is something about these creepy crawlies that leave us wanting to banish them out of our gardens, homes and gutters. Earwigs love dark cool environments. The other thing they love is a moist climate. These climates leave breeding grounds for these critters, and unfortunately it’s much harder to get rid of them once they have come into your home or garden than to prevent them in the first place.

Using traps to get rid of earwigs is a very effective way. To set a trap it is best to first locate where the earwigs are clustered. Once you have determined the location, its time to get started. Take a small container of water and soak either a newspaper or towel. Place this item in a disposable shallow dish and leave the container where you have previously seen large clusters gathering. The next morning, (using gloves if you’re squirmy) take the shallow container and place it into a garbage bag. Quickly secure the garbage back and place it in a lidded trash can to ensure they can not escape. Repeat the process as needed.

This method is one of the easiest ways to get rid of earwigs. Not only does this method provide quick results, it allows you to maintain your distance between you and the earwigs, something important to those who have a moderate fear. To begin, locate the area of large clusters. Once you turn on the vacuum you will have to work quickly as the sound causes the pests to scatter. Using the hose, suck up the vermin as fast as possible, and use a garbage bag to empty out the dust collector when you have finished.

knowing how to prevent re-infestation is just as important as knowing how to get rid of your pests. Make sure that all damp environments are reduced, to ensure you no longer have any problems. By picking up all damp items, earwigs will have no where to live.