How To Get Rid of Dust Mites?

If you are frustrated of dust mites and looking for ways to get rid of dust mites then undoubtedly you are going to get the solution over here. There are actually many things which we can do quite easily to get rid of dust mites, but we have to have proper knowledge on those things. The basic and the primary thing which you can do to prevent dust mites is to pay attention towards your mattress as when you sleep on it, you are directly exposed to all the allergic particles present. So it is highly recommended to use a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum clean the entire mattress along with the bottom or base of the bed as well as the pillows. Then cover your pillows in a plastic anti dust mites cover which is readily available in the shops near your house.

Next thing is make sure you have your bed sheets and pillow cases thoroughly cleaned in hot water. This process should be repeated at least after every two weeks. However, if you have purchased an anti-dust mites pillow cover then be assured, as you need to wash your pillow just once every year only. The covers are very effective not only for dust mites but also for bedbugs too which is nowadays becoming a serious threat. It has also been observed that synthetic filled pillows, nylon or cotton blanket are less susceptible to dust mites and they should be used as much as possible.

Room humidity is also a considering factor. The dust mites have a tendency to grow and flourish in hot and high humid places. That is the reason why they generally occupy our bed as our body temperature compared to bed surface is much hotter and humid. So care should be taken to reduce the room humidity by using any good de-humidifiers or by using a good air conditioning system. Purification of air is equally necessary and hence HEPA filters are very effective in these situations as they claim to remove more than 99% airborne allergens…