How To Get Rid Of Dog Lice

Many dog lovers treat their pets like their own child and consider them as part of their family. Dogs are being played with, cuddled and sometimes people have their dog sleep in their beds too!

That’s how dogs can be very lovable pets…but wouldn’t it be too discouraging to cuddle a dog and notice the presence of dog lice on his body? Certainly, this would freak you out!

Dog lice infestation occurs due to several reasons and the most common cause of this incident is improper hygiene. The key to killing these dog lice and preventing it from future recurrence depends greatly on one’s hygienic measures. Here are some few tips on how to get rid of dig lice:

Regular Grooming.

These lice will not infest your dog if you make sure you groom your dog regularly. Grooming not only refers to regularly bathing your dog. It also involves cutting its fur in its ideal length, cleaning the toes and the area in between each toe, as well as combing the fur to remove dirt and possibly critters such as lice or ticks.

Dropping a few amount of neem oil to the water used for bathing your dog is also helpful. Neem oil is an excellent natural treatment for lice infestation, not only for dogs but also for human.

Using Flee Powders and Oils.

Instead of using flea sprays or repellents, dog enthusiasts and vets recommend the use of powders and oils. These sprays are toxic and may harm the dogs as a result. On the other hand, these powders and oils are hypoallergenic and not threatening to the dog’s overall health. Fleas love to stick on areas which are moist and less exposed to the air or sunlight. Thus, it is advisable to put oil or powder on your pet’s collar and the areas in between your pet’s toes.

Remove Fleas From Your House and Yard.

Flea infestation may possibly recur if your house or yard has not been completely desensitized of fleas. Use sprays or flea bombs to get rid of these pests but make sure you bring your pet and other family members to a secluded area so as not to have them inhale the chemicals.

Once you have groomed your dog, also make sure you place your pet’s beddings in a vacuum bag and have it washed or soaked in hot water.

Fleas can affect your dog’s health and will make him uncomfortable with the presence of these critters on his fur. Make sure he lives healthily and comfortably.