How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a menace to every home. These bugs hide in cracks and crevices of your home and are a leading agent of transmitting germs. The commonest method to get rid of cockroaches includes using insecticides which is sprayed in these cracks and crevices and vents where cockroaches enter your home. Cockroaches thrive on unhygienic conditions and it is of great aid always keeping your kitchen clean.

Keeping the roaches away

To easily keep these disgusting roaches away from your kitchen be more hygienic. Also make sure that food is sealed in containers and don’t leave dirty utensils. Cockroaches are attracted to water so seal all dripping pipes and leaks. Pour regular cheap bleach down the drain every morning as some roaches my becoming through these drains. Remove all refuse and logs of woods. These are great hiding places for cockroaches as they give them warmth.

Other things you will need and some professional help

Cockroach bait and cockroach trap are very useful. Cockroach bait is a gel that contains a slow killing poison. This is mixed with roach food and when the roaches eat those foods they simply drop dead. Cockroach trap are an inexpensive traps that have adhesives. These lure cockroaches and finally trap them. Roach food is also a great way of killing these insects. To make roach food purchase boric acid, it can be found in pharmacies mix with a proportionate measure of flour and granulated white sugar. Then place these in the dark places where roaches hide, under the fridge, back of drawers and others. Sugar baits the roaches, flour makes them stick and boric acid finally kills them.  This mixture should be placed away from children and your pets and other animals as boric acid is poisonous. A simple method to do away with these roaches is to make a mixture of soap and water and splash it upon the roaches. The roach will try to run but will be killed almost instantly.

Professional ways to get rid of cockroaches can be found online. Also to be found are professional products.