How To Get Rid Of Cats?

It’s important to know how to deal with feral cats and stray cats. These cats are usually a nuisance and can spread diseases.  Feral cats are cats from the wild and some my have rabies. The stray cats are mostly your neighbor’s cats straying into your property.  Whether the alien cat is stray or feral one, it’s important to get rid of cats the right way.

How to repel cats

There are simple methods that can be used. First avoid feeding cats, in this way they will easily leave ones property. Also destroy all the nests that cats may have build in the compound and its also useful acquiring a good breed of a dog. These will frighten the cats away. Feral cats are a stubborn lot. A trap may be effective to capture them and return them to the wild or hand them to local authorities. For animal lovers, the idea of adopting a cat may sound good. A feral cat below 10 months will easily be adopted but above these they are unsocial and it may be hard to adopt them. Stray cats can be sheltered by local authorities. Other outdoor repellants include using motion activated water sprinklers, Cats hate water. There are also electronic devices that emit high pitched sounds, not heard by humans but audible to cats. These sound guards a radius of about 200 square feet from cats.


Avoid touching feral and stray cats, some have rabies and other infectious diseases. Incase a feral cat is friendly and it can easily be domesticated, first take it to a veterinary doctor. Also when bitten by a cat, go to the doctor with that cat, so that it can be tested for rabies. Incase the cat has rabies you will need to be treated and immunized against possible infections.

If you have a cat it’s advisable you microchip it. In that way it will easily be found when it gets lost. Get rid of cats you suspect to be stray by enlisting your neighbors help but it’s important to contact the local authorities.