Get Rid Of Ants: How To Get Rid Of Ants?

Ants are one of the very big problems in almost every part of the world. Black ant, red ants, fire ants, we can find them almost everywhere and they can just ruin your party anytime they want. Ants are generally more active in summer as studies have led to the conclusion that ants do not work in winter and feeds on whatever stuff they have accumulated working the entire summer. So having a proper idea on how to get rid of ants will help you lead a happy summer. First of all you really need to indentify which type of ants is really causing you the most problem. If that is know half the battle is won in the venture of keeping the ants out of your home and garden.

First of all find out why they are actually entering your property and site out their favorite areas. You should try to keep your room as clean as possible. Especially properly clean everything after having the meals as any residue will be an open invitation to the ants. Maintaining a cleaner environment is the best way to get rid of ants after all. If you have any trash bins or any sort of recycling bins just outside your house, try to move them at a place far from your residence. These places are the home of ants and having it near your house will only lead to transfer of them to your location.

In kitchen also try to keep all the edible items in an air-tight container and store all kinds of foodstuff which tend to decay if left open, in refrigerators. Like for example fruits and vegetables or nay plant products, which can decay, should be stored in cooler environments. Locate the cracks which are direct entrance for ants and sprinkle red chili, pepper, paprika, dried peppermint or borax after properly sealing them. Remove all the standing water in the area and try using natural repellents. Also try to remove aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs from your garden, as the “honeydew” excreta liberated by them, is a favorite food for ants.