How to file income tax return online?

Efiling or filing income tax return online is mandatory only for people with income above Rs 10 lacs and those who require statutory audit u/s 44AB. However, its a better option even for general public as online returns are processed faster and there is usually lesser chance of an error. Further, it saves time and if you qualify for a refund, you will get it faster than the person who has filled return manually at the income tax office.

In this article I will provide a detailed guide to submitting income tax return online and where to get Income tax e-filing acknowledgement. I have also created a video for this purpose:-


  1. First of all go to and register an account with them. To register, simply add PAN number and click next, then add password and other details like address, phone number, email etc. Once you complete this registration process, you will get a login id and a password to login to the website
  2. To login, enter your PAN number and the password on the login page of this website. Now, download a software to calculate your income tax. To do that click on e-filling A.Y. current year ( In this case its 2012-13 and then Individual/huf. On next page scrool down to find the appropriate income tax form and download it to your computer.
  3. Now open the excelsheet we just downloaded. Almost every computer will initially block macros on this software but you should allow macros on this software. Now fillin all the personal details, Pan number, and income details including any interest income etc. Please note that you only type in the fields highlighted in light green color. The cells in white back ground are computed by software automatically.
  4. Now click on TDS tab in same Excelsheet and enter the TDS details if it was deducted.  You can get TAN number of employer from the form 16 provided by employer. Similarly, you can get TAN number of Bank from the form 16A or Form 26AS.
  5. Next click on the “Taxes paid and verification” tab and add details like your bank account number, MICR code, your name, father’s name etc.  Now check if tax computed by the software is correct or not. If everything is fine, go back to first tab and press the Generate XML button. This will generate a XML file of your income tax return.
  6. Now, go back to incometax website and select the latest assesment year (As shown in video above). On next page select proper ITR ( in this case its ITR1). Now select “no” from the drop down menu that asks if I want to digitally sign the document. (If you have created digital signatures then you can select the option to sign digitally).
  7. Click next and then browse the xml file that we had downloaded from excel software and upload it. Once its uploaded, you will get an ITR V form that you can print as e-filing acknowledgement. You need to fill it up completely, sign it and then send a copy of it to income tax department by registered post. This completes the process of efilling income tax return.