How to Exploit Facebook to Increase Traffic to Your Website

For those who do not know, Facebook alone has a user figure reaching 500 million. Now, if you think you can target this figure in real world without investing much in marketing strategy, you are simply fooling yourself. Reaching such a huge number of people from many regions of the globe is not an easy task otherwise. Yet, Facebook allows you to accomplish this task, if you happen to know the right way.

Facebook is the best place to market your product or service website effectively. You can begin with making multiple accounts on the site. Fill them with relevant information and attach a nice picture. Once done with it, start making fan pages and go viral on the network. This will help you target various groups and people from different parts of globe. You will see how easily you target such large number of people.

Then, you can join groups that follow same theme as your website. Post on the walls of others and similarly, comment on the posts of others. Do not forget to update your status regularly and let others know what you are up to. Never repeat your update status. Furthermore, leave URL to your site whenever you are commenting on some one’s post or comment.

Adding more and more friends to your profiles will help too. So will blog. When you plan on creating one, make sure you maintain it and update it regularly. Do not paste cheap content as it would be the deciding factor whether a person will land at your site or not. Try to maintain quality in whatever you post and make public.

Finally, Facebook offers you marketing absolutely free of cost and hence, you must make maximum use of this opportunity. You will be amazed to see the results of targeting it for marketing.