Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a medical problem that occurs in the genital area of females. Common symptoms of leucorrhea are: a whitish discharge from female’s genital area, itching, fatigue, pain in abdomen and lumbar region, constipation and/or headaches.

Leucorrhea is caused by an infection in the upper area of the vagina. What starts this disease is too much toxin build up that occurs in a woman’s body. This could occur when the the bowels, skin, lungs, or kidneys do not get rid of these toxins at the proper pace. Once these toxins have started to build up then there is inflammation in the uterus walls and then the abnormal whitish discharge is developed. The color of the discharge might not be completely white but it can vary from being a creamy yellowish color to light green. Sometimes young girls that have not started a menstrual cycle might develop leucorrhea due to the changes in their body. Some women could get it from dirty hands, soiled under wear, sex or masturbation; this can all lead up to the infection.

Leucorrhea Treatment
Leucorrhea is an infection that usually lasts for a week or two but for some women it could last for months or even more. If left untreated this problem can become chronic and may cause fever as well.

If pregnant woman gets infected by this disease, she should report to a gynecologist immediately as this disease can affect the sac, cervix and ultimately the unborn child in your uterus.

Home Remedies for Leucorrhea
Please note that these home remedies for leucorrhea are not for pregnant women. They should consult a doctor immediately.

Fortunately there is not always a need to take medication for the leucorrhea condition because there are various home remedies that can aid in making the symptoms go away and clear up the infection. Some of the things that a woman can do to make this infection to pass along are:

  • Clean genitals with fresh water: Washing vagina deep inside with fresh water is probably the best home remedy to help you fight this disease. Even Doctor’s may advise you to wash the area with fresh water 1 to 2 times a day along with taking medicines and applying ointment.
  • A warm vaginal douche is also beneficial for general cleaning of the area and help in maintaining hygiene.
  • Change Your Diet: Many times this disease results from poor diet and therefore changing the diet make sense. To start, you should take all fruits diet for 2 days and then start well balanced diet thereafter. Add fenugreek, Okra (ladiesfinger) and Walnuts to your diet as these help in irritable condition.
  • Other than these remedies, drink lots of water, get rest, and go out from time to time to get some fresh air.

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