How to Get Rid of Stress?

This is an era of competition. Basically it is the rule of nature as postulated by Charles Darwin “Survival of the fittest”. So you need to compete with others in other to make a mark in the society.

Due to this primary reason and also many personal reasons, there is hardly any human being in this planet who is suffering from mental tension or what commonly known as stress. But these stresses only make us weak.

So to lead a happy and healthy life the first thing which we need to eliminate from our lives if stress.

As told in many books, the best way to get rid of stress is to take a very deep breath, hold it for some seconds and then release it slowly and not like a burst of air. If you can properly repeat this process, say three times, it is guaranteed that you will feel lot relaxed and refreshed.

The other basic requirement is not to take overload. Work as much as you can, no more. Be strict on this principle. Excessive work load may bring you wealth, but at the cost of your health and you must have heard the very popular adage “Health is the ultimate wealth”. So stop taking excessive work, which may stress your body.

Ensure to have a leisure time daily, and during that time, enjoy and do what you love doing, say drawing, dancing, playing or whatever you love to do. Make sure your full attention is on the leisure activity and not on your professional work.

Diet should also be maintained as inappropriate diet is also a reason of increasing tension. To get rid of stress, drink plenty of water and prefer drinking green tea and fruit juices as they are enriched with nutrients.

Avoid colas and high calorie meals and try taking that food stuff which is rich in Vitamin B as it helps relax your mood. Try to have a massage on your entire body at least twice a week as it enhances the circulatory system of the body and keeps you refreshed for longer time…

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