How To Get Rid Of Water Retention?

Water retention in the body is very common problem nowadays which persists in various groups of people especially the women group. The main cause of water retention is the deficiency of water since intake is very low.

We all need a fixed amount of water daily, and that should be supplied only by drinking it and by no other ways. Many a time we, knowingly or unknowingly, reduce the water intake and to maintain to body balance, your body retains water, which is the major birth cause of water retention. This is also popularly known as oedema.

So as the disease starts due to low water intake the first and the preliminary step to get rid of water retention is obviously drinking plenty of water. Just by drinking plain water will show you the difference in a matter of few weeks.

Diuretic may also be used like “Triamterene”. This is water pill which was basically used for treating blood pressure as well as fluid retention in the body, by increasing loss of water because of excessive urination. Oedema is basically is a symptom and when you get that, you can be sure of either heart, liver or renal problems.

You can also go for natural herbs as they hardly have any side effects. Alfalfa and parsley are the name so two herbal plants and if you make tea with the leaves of these plants and drink it at least three times daily will definitely help you get rid of water retention.

However these diuretics and natural medications will definitely cure the symptoms, but for the long run, it is definitely not going to help as excessive intake of drugs may reverse the condition too. Reduce the intake of salt and avoid canned and bottled food and substances which contains high amount of potassium as it can also worsen the scenario.

However you should also take the advice of professional time to time as you need to know the root cause for this problem and then only you will get the maximum benefits of proper treatment of oedema.