Hot To Get Rid Of Thrush?

What is Thrush?: Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth or a woman’s nipples (can be located in or around). Thrush is caused when the normal body levels of yeast begin growing out of control. Thrush will typically go away on its own but if it persists, it’s time you know what you can do to get rid of Thrush.

Thrush is a very painful fungal infection that most women will get at least once in their life. Your nipples will become very itchy and will feel sore much of the time; causing breast feeding to be very tough to do. Children commonly will get Thrush in or around their mouths, due to being exposed to infected nipples.

While this sounds really nasty, it’s not something that makes you a bad parent. Remember, yeast is normal and is always in our bodies. There are just certain things that set the natural balance off, creating these outbreaks to occur.

You are not alone; Thrush may not be talked about but it is extremely common and most of your breastfeeding friends have probably had it at some point during the early stages of parenthood.


Changes in your diet or cleanliness can lead to Thrush. If you eat a lot of sugar, this can speed up the production of yeast, causing you to potentially come down with Thrush. Nipples that are moist much of the time (from breast feeding) or are not cleaned enough; can cause this issue to begin.

Easy Fixes

There are a few simple things you can do to help get rid of as well as prevent against a future outbreak of Thrush. Washing your nipples thoroughly and often will help keep them clean as well as dry. Yeast has a hard time growing in dry places. It needs warm, moist areas to really spread.

Eating better helps fight against yeast as well. Things like plain yogurt or blueberries help keep your body in balance and healthy. Maintaining even levels of yeast is very important to stay healthy.

Do not wear the same bra day after day, because bacteria will build up and have easy access to grow on your nipples. Airing out your nipples and making sure they are dry are two great ways to get rid of Thrush as well as prevent against it.

Keeping everything clean, both on your body and your baby’s is the best way to keep Thrush away. It’s crucial to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

A baby’s mouth can get Thrush just as easily as your nipples can during the breast feeding stages, so be sure to clean things like bottle nipples, Sippy Cups and anything else your baby may have in their mouth much of the time very clean and dry.


Talking to your doctor is a great way to get your Thrush under control. Remember, this is a common occurrence and you are not going to freak them out by talking to them about it.

There are many antifungal drugs out there that can help get your yeast production back to what it should be. Treatments come in pill form, cream form or even drops that you can put directly on your nipples.

If going to the doctor is a bit too intimidating for you, there are always the over-the-counter options. These are great and get the job done well, as long as you pay close attention to the instructions. Monistat 7 is one of the most commonly used products.

When using any product, it is very important to know the risks. Thrush, as with many other ailments, can become immune to the products you are using so it’s very important to follow the instructions to a T. Nothing would be more frustrating than worsening the situation and having to start all over again.