How To Get Rid Of Tattoos

Many people have gotten them and many people regret getting them later in life; but how do you effectively get rid of tattoos? The answers may not be exactly what you’re looking for but they’re definitely better than nothing.

Types of Removal

Depending on the size of the tattoo you’re trying to get rid of, your tattoo can be removed by being cut out piece by piece. This is going to leave scarring behind; but your tattoo will be completely gone.

If you have a larger tattoo, tissue expansion is a good choice. A balloon is put underneath the skin. As time goes on, your skin will start stretching, allowing the tattoo to be cut out; the excess skin stretched over the wound, leaving only a small, straight scar behind.

Many tattoos that have been done by a friend or outside of a professional tattoo shop are going to be deeper in the skin so these types of tats will not be able to be cut out. In this case, you would need to go with laser removal.

This process is very expensive, painful and can take anywhere from a few months to a few years; depending on the size of the tattoo you are trying to remove. Oftentimes, the entire tattoo cannot be removed, so traces of color will be left behind.

Tattoos aren’t as simple as they may seem, successful removal depends on a lot of factors such as the ink used (colors are much harder to remove than black), how long you’ve had the tattoo and how well your immune system is.

Some peoples’ bodies can simply break down the tattoo more effectively than others when there are pieces left behind.

If removal doesn’t seem like an option for you, you also have the option of covering up your tattoo. There are many artists out there who would be more than willing to sit down with you and come up with a new, cool design that can cover up that unsightly tattoo that you got at the spur of the moment as a teenager.

It used to be much worse

Just feel lucky you don’t have to experience the tattoo removal techniques used centuries ago. Urea; a compound found in urine; and animal feces with vinegar were commonly used back then to get rid of tattoos.

As methods have gotten much better, tattoos don’t scar over like they used to; leaving you a nasty scar that looks much worse than the tattoo did. While scarring still occurs, it’s nowhere near as bad. These older types of removal oftentimes led to infection, which can lead to many health issues down the road.

Many people have gotten tattoos they regret later in life, so try not to feel too bad about it. You have many options to choose from and if affording these options isn’t in your budget right now; you can also cover up the tattoo with your clothing (if possible) until you can figure out what option best fits your personal needs.