How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

When the skin changes its shape too quickly, the result is stretch marks. Some of the common reasons of skin changing shape may be weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy. When the skin changes the shape very quickly, it tends to tear the middle layer, the dermis, and thus leaving a scar which is termed as stretch marks. If the treatment is started at an early phase, it can be cured, but the more delay you do, the more permanent it becomes.

The first step which should be taken to get rid of stretch marks is messaging the stretch marks with cocoa butter or any moisturizer which contains it. This lubricates the tissues and hydrates your skin. You can also apply self tanner as it will minimize the visibility of stretch marks.

Other treatments includes usage of oil based products as they hydrates the skin and help reduce the stretch marks provided they are used in the first stage. Wheat germ oil is a very popular product which helps reducing stretch marks quite effectively. Glycolic acid is another such product.

It enhances the production of collagen and some popular tropical treatment containing Glycolic acid is Stretta and it helps gently remove the skin and thus eliminates the stretch marks.

Tropical Tretinoin cream is very effective in reducing stretch marks. They can reduce even stretch marks which are less than 6 weeks old, but should be forbidden during pregnancy.

Laser treatment can also be used to cure stretch marks as they are not going to eliminate superficial skin, but can reduce the redness by directly affecting the blood vessels behind the stretch marks.

They are very much safe to use, but are quite costly. A more advanced version of this treatment is fractionated laser treatment. In just three sessions you will get rid of stretch marks, but the price per session is nearly $1000.

Other laser treatments include pulsed dye laser therapy as it is focused on remodeling of underlying skin and also enhances the manufacture of collagen and elastin. Though all these methods work on new stretch marks yet they are very effective…