How To Get Rid of Static Cling?

The word ‘static cling’ derives its existence from ancient times when balloons used to stick to the walls, due to static electricity on their surface. This word is nowadays frequently used to describe the phenomena of sticking of the clothes to your body.

Sometimes static  affects in many other ways like some people might get minor static electricity shock while vacuuming, getting out of car, when touching treadmill, pets etc.

Many times we have ourselves experienced the phenomenon, and we have held our skin type responsible for this factor.

It may be really frustrating when the clothing in some special parts, especially the private parts and legs cling to them. But there are many simple steps to get rid of static cling quite effectively.

Hand lotion: The best method which is really long lasting and the easiest one is the “Hand lotion”. The application of hand lotion involves few simple steps following which you will definitely get rid of this problem.

The first step is to lift off the clothing from the body part which is clinging. Then go to the private part and start applying the hand lotion or cream on that part of the body. In case the cloth that is clinging is made up of nylons or any other similar varieties of materials, it may be required to rub a fabric softener sheet on the garment.

Now let your clothing cover the part again and see the difference. You will feel much more comfortable as the cloth is not clinging to your body now.

Use of Hair spray is yet another quite effective method to get rid of static cling of clothes and your hair. All you need for proper execution of the process is a simple hair spray which you commonly have in your bathroom.

What you really have to do is to take the hair spray, lift the clothing from the private areas and apply the spray there. Wait for a couple of minutes as the hair spray needs to be dried up or else it will help static clinging. When it is dried let your clothes free and you will see the difference now.

Wear Shoes with Leather Sole: Most of the modern day shoes are made up of highly insulating plastic or rubber soles. As we walk, static charge build up on the soles of the shoes which then passes on to our body.

This is especially true if the floor is insulated or the carpet on which you are walking is madeup of nylon or wool. Also avoid scuffing and friction of the shoes against the floor.

Wearing shoes with leather sole will ensure that you are grounded and the electrical charges moving through and out of your body freely.

Use Fabric Softner and Dryer Sheets: When washing clothes, use a fabric softner during wash cycle and dryer sheets when drying the cloths. Also avoid over drying clothes in the dryer. Remove when barely dry. If cloths still have a static, then wet your hand before folding the laundry.

Humidifier: If you experience problem indoors the use humidifier to add moisture to air. Insulated flooring, nylon or woolen carpets and upholstry could be other reasons.

Choices of Clothing: Choosing your clothing wisely can help you get rid of static cling easily. Choose natural clothing materials like cotton, linen etc over sythentic fabrics that are more likely to produce a clingy result.