How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

Hair with split ends in very common nowadays. Due to the increased pollution and lack of moisture in the air, this is very commonly found in young girls as well as women with longer hair. Split ends of hair are actually is the result of dryness of the hair which damager and make the hair split from the end.

This is no disease but sort of a problem and can be resolved by following some simple methods which helps you to actually get rid of split ends of hair.

The major cause for split ends is the way of brushing of your hair. Female have a very common tendency of brushing hair almost after every 2-3 hours. It is advised to reduce hair brushing, as it enhances and helps in forming split ends and even hair breakage from the scalp.

Never brush your hair when it is wet as at that time the hair has a very high tendency of breakage. Try using a wide-toothed comb as the basic idea is to reduce split ends is to reduce tension on your hair as much as you can.

Avoid hair dryers, hair curlings with irons etc as much as you can as they ultimately lead to the damage of your hair and will result in split ends. So if you have to blow dry your hair and also want to get rid of split ends keep the dryer at least 15 cm away.

Protection is very essential and hence you must resort to some or the other methods for protecting your hair all the variations of weather. Use a leave-in conditioner for your hair as they not only make your hair strong but also nourished them and reduce the dryness, thus reducing the percentage of split ends.

Finally, if you have split ends, don’t feel shy in cutting your hair. Always have the split ends cut off properly and then follow all the above mentioned methods, so that when the hair grows again, it will be healthy and well nourished. Consult to a hair specialist if the problem still persists…