How To Get Rid Of Scratchy Throat?

Scratchy throats happen to the best of us but they are irritating just the same. These simple tips and tricks should help you get rid of scratchy throat for the time being. Before you know it, you’ll be back to the old you again.

What Caused This?

Scratchy throats typically happen during times where the temperature is changing drastically from what your body is used to; i.e. when a season changes to the next. Although we cannot change the seasons, we can alter how they affect our bodies.

Scratchy throats are commonly caused by various allergies like pollen that begin to arise at the change of the season. Another reason you may come down with a scratchy throat is because you have been singing to much or maybe yelling at the latest sporting event in your area.

Simple Remedies

Keeping hydrated is very important because your throat is very irritated at the moment. Keeping your body lubricated is what makes everything work properly. Think of your throat like you would a rash.

When you have a rash, what do you do? Apply moisturizing ointment and do what you can to not make the problem worse by irritating the skin. The same goes for a sore throat.

Tea is also great because it has healing properties that are going to sooth your throat. Don’t drink tea that is overly hot, as this can irritate your throat; making the pain more unbearable than it already has become.

Teas with lemon, honey or chamomile are great options to choose from in order to start feeling better, sooner.

Cough drops or sprays for sore throats work wonders because many of them can be purchased over the counter. We understand how expensive it is to see a doctor and with this economy; going the simplest way is best so you can save some of your hard earned cash.

Follow the directions and although I know it’s hard; try not to overuse because this can cause the product to become ineffective.

Time To See Your Doctor

If you have had a scratchy throat for more than three days, it’s time to talk to your doctor. Pay close attention to your symptoms as well as anything that may have changed since you first started noticing a change in how you were feeling.

Fever and unexplained pain are things worth mentioning to your doctor so you can get rid of scratchy throat as well as anything else that may be going on.