How To Get Rid Of Rust?

Rusting of metal is very common problem which we face in our day to day lifestyle. To ensure sturdiness of any construction we make sure we use iron or metallic parts, but after their long term use, we often find brown dust particles accumulated on the surface.

This is known as rust. Rust is scientifically formed due to the oxidation of metal in presence of water particles and the rust which is formed and nothing but metal oxides. This phenomenon of rusting is very harmful and we need to immediately get rid of rust or else it may damage the construction permanently.

Of course rusting is a chemical change, which literally means it is an irreversible phenomenon, but we can always put a stop and prevent further rusting. The first thing which naturally comes to our mind is to prevent the metal from coming in direct contact with oxygen and water and hence the best economical method is painting, but if any rust is left out before painting, it will go on ruining the metal body.

So by just following few simple steps will help you get rid of rust permanently. All you will need is sandpaper, a wire brush, some phosphoric acid, anti-rust primer and paint.

Use the sandpaper to remove the rust from over the metal body. The faster you locate the rust and remove it, the lesser the damage is. If you cannot remove the rust due to over accumulation, apply phosphoric acid to turn it into water-soluble phosphate.

Since the chemical is an acid by nature, hence utmost care should be taken while handling. Now wipe the rust away as it has become loose now. Only after you have all the rust removed, apply the anti-rust primer on the metal surface which will prevent it from any further rusting.

To make sure your metal is now rust proof, you can now coat the metal with whatever paint you want, to make it look nice.

This is the simplest way of removing and preventing rust. You can also go for advanced methods like galvanization too.