How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps?

This is mainly a problem of men. Razor bumps are the painful swell which many of us get after shaving. The main reason causing this razor bump is basically when during shaving we cut the hair in a particular angle making it pointer and sharper.

This hair may prick the skin, making it swell and pain. It is also popularly known as Barber’s rash, when it grows bigger. So let us start with simple methods to get rid of razor bumps.

Shaving frequently should be avoided as far as possible. You should give your skin at least a rest of two to three days, to go for the next shaving. Actually when you shave, you are continuously scratching your skin with razor blades and hence the skin needs some time to get acquainted with this.

Also use of electric razor will undoubtedly prevent razor bumps as a machine can do the job much more accurately than manual. As already said the main reason for razor bumps are uneven or angular cuttings of beard hair which then pricks your skin and makes razor bumps, so the naturally the thing which must come to your mind is softening of hair can easily help you save yourself from razor bumps during shaving and actually it is true.

You can soften the hair by cleaning your face with some lukewarm water before shaving or you can take a shower before shaving. By this way even if the hair is cut in angular fashion, it is not going to hurt that much.

Finally the best way to get rid of razor bumps is to know the proper and the appropriate way of shaving. The first step is the application of the shaving cream on your face and let it settle on your face for some time which makes the skin softer and then shave the same spot at least twice but avoid shaving against the grains of the facial hair.

Try changing the razor blade at least once every week and don’t fprget rinsing the shaving razor in alcohol before and after shaving.