How To Get Rid Of Rashes?

Rashes are bound to happen at some point in your life, and they can be caused by a variety of reasons; some simple to fix and others a bit tougher. Let’s discuss how to get rid of rashes; the most common ones, at least.

What Is A Rash?

Rashes range from full-body to maybe a single limb, or a small portion of the skin. A rash is the body’s response to a wide variety of medical problems.

A rash is an area of skin that has an abnormal color, look and feel. Some rashes are very itchy, while others are bumpy or dry. Your skin may become swollen and crack and bleed.

Fast Relief

If you need some fast relief on your rash, there are many ointments to choose from. One of the most commonly used is Benadryl which is great for irritation and itching that is most commonly caused by allergies. This medication blocks histamine which lowers swelling as well.

Calamine ointment is great for many things; from sunburn relief to chicken box, and guess what? It’s great for rashes as well. This may not be your cure, but it is sure going to make you feel much better for the time being.

Rash Causes and Treatments

Before you can know how to effectively get rid of rashes, you’re going to need to figure out what started them first. Rashes can be caused by a person coming into contact with something they are allergic to or a virus, fungus or even parasite.

You can get rashes from the heat, and in areas of the body where moisture is present over a long period of time. Talk to your doctor if you’re never had a rash before and they can help you figure out what is causing your specific rash.

With any type of rash, it is very important to keep clean. Don’t over scrub your body and don’t apply anything harsh to your skin. Things like alcohol or bar soap are just going to dry out your skin and cause the problem to worsen.

Depending on the severity of your rash, your doctor may need to prescribe you special ointments or medications to keep your rash in check.

Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances scratch your rash. While it may feel good; it’s just going to make the problem worse and take longer for the rash to heal. Soak in a bath with baking soda if you need to, but do not scratch.