How to Get Rid Of Pimples

Pimples are a very common problem which most of us are facing today. The one responsible for this may be pollution, but there are other factors too which govern the outbreak of pimples on your face. There are tiny glands beneath the skin which secrete oil and it protects our skin from getting too dry and keeps it soft, healthy and glossy.

However due to growing pollution and dirt in the environment the oils gets clogged in the tiny skin pores and thus we get a swelling called pimples. Pimples generally first come in our lives when we reach the adolescence stage, due to changes in the hormones. Although there is really no way to get rid of pimples yet steps can be taken to reduce its outbreaks.

The first step is of course keeping the dirt away from your skin, so that it does not clog your skin pores. It is advised to wash your face as many times as possible in a day. However do not do over scrubbing as it may ultimately damage your skin cells only and reduce the oil secretion which may make your skin surface rough.

Use a gentle soap when washing and avoid any kind of harsh soaps. Wash by rubbing just your fingertips over the area in a clockwise motion and use lukewarm water for the purpose as it helps kill most of the bacteria.

Be hygienic as far as possible and try keeping sweat and dirt away from your face. Diet can also help a lot to get rid of pimples effectively. Avoid the consumption of chocolates, junk foods or any kinds of oily stuff as will only help pimples to outbreak more frequently.

It is well known that healthy and flawless complexion only results with consumption of healthy diet rich in vitamins. So go for natural foods like fruits, vegetables and avoid the modern canned food as far as possible. Keep the hair products away from your face and if the signs of pimples persist even after taking these home remedies for acne, visit a dermatologist immediately.