How to Get Rid of Moles?

The first step towards curing any problem is to know the problem properly. So let us first know in details what actually moles are basically. Moles are nothing but dark spots on our body, some of them even make the bearer look beautiful and hence are sometimes commonly known as “beauty spots”, while some look really ugly.

Actually moles are nothing but an accumulation of melanin, a chemical which determines the skin tone. The amount of melanin accumulated determines the color and the darkness of the moles.

Normal moles may be tiny or even large. They are normally of pink, brown or even black in color depending on the amount of melanin as discussed. There are also a special category of moles which are known as “dysplastic nevi” and they are also resort to melanoma, a typical variety of skin cancer too.

You can very easily be recognized by their shape size and color. These moles are generally found in breast, buttock, and scalp or on the back.

Now lets us see the steps involved to get rid of moles. There are some effective ways by which you can eliminate moles permanently. One such method is surgery, where the surgeon digs out the mole and then stitches the wound back. This method has the tendency of leaving a mark and it generally painful which can of course be reduced using pain killers.

This method can be further advanced by use of electrosurgery or Cryosurgery where the surgeon uses electric needle and liquid nitrogen for doing the surgery respectively. The latest advancement in surgical method is laser surgery. In this method the surgeon uses special laser beam for destroying the mole tissue. This method is quite popular as this is the least paining surgery.

Apart from surgical methods there are also other methods to get rid of moles permanently. You can also use specially prescribed medicated creams, ointments and some acids for destroying the mole tissues. But this is a very slow process and takes more than a month for permanent effect. Herbal methods can also be used to eliminate moles completely.